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Our blog this week is about a lovely Facebook shop called Little Bee Accessories which sells all kinds of lovely handmade crafts.  These well made items range from stuffed toys, to jewellery and many other hand made items.  This is a picture of a lovely bunny which I bought for my Granddaughter  Kirsty Bunny  They come in different colours and two sizes, small and large and they are very cuddly.  Kirsty Bunny BlueThis is the bunny made in blue which is also a gorgeous colour. 

The owner of the shop is a lovely girl called Kirsty and she is based in Dumbarton, Scotland.  Kirsty has loads of good ideas and makes lots of interesting things.  Kirsty will take orders for her items at and she also has loads of ready made items if you want to take a look.

Kirsty Watch and Ring BraceletHere are some of the gorgeous jewellery items that Kirsty makes.  Kirsty makesThis is a table full of her knitted goods.

Kirsty is very versatile at what she makes and she also has an Etsy shop at

So what are you waiting for?  Go and give Kirsty a visit either on Facebook or Etsy and I am sure that you will see something that you will want to buy.  I will definitely vouch for the goods being well made.

Last but not least, Kirsty has a blog at if you want to find out more about Kirsty and what she makes.



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