Canterbury in England is My Favourite Holiday Destination

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Good morning. This is a blast from the past and it is two of my previous blogs revisited and made into one blog about my favourite UK holiday destination which is Canterbury in Kent, Southern England.  These two Canterbury visits were in 2010 and 2017.  We did visit Canterbury in the intervening years and still do visit as often as we can.  I can safely say that Canterbury in England is my Favourite Holiday Destination. If you have never been there then it is well worth a visit.

I have family living there and they consist of my daughter, son-in-law and my granddaughter. My husband, son and I go and visit them regularly.

Canterbury is a city and has a cathedral  which you must visit if you ever go to Canterbury.


The Cathedral is very impressive and there is lots to see when you go inside.  There is an entrance fee which is valid for a whole year so you can go there as often as you like. There is also a shop where you can buy souvenirs. We went to a Christmas Carol service when we were there and it was lovely.

There is loads to do in Canterbury itself and in the surrounding areas.  There are lots of shops and eating places selling all different kinds of food and you will be spoilt for choice.

If you want to go farther afield and you like castles, then Leeds Castle is roughly a forty minute drive from Canterbury.  The castle itself is lovely and the grounds are massive.  There is quite a walk to the castle from the car park but it is good exercise and there is lots to see.




This is a picture of part of Leeds castle. There is an entrance fee but it lasts for a whole year the same as the Cathedral.

Canterbury is such a lovely city.  There are quite a few Tudor looking houses and the streets are cobblestoned.

If you like shopping then there is a big shopping centre called Bluewater which is roughly twenty to thirty minutes drive from Canterbury, and also the Fashion Outlets (Loads of different shops including Marks and Spencers) which is in Ashford.  I have visited all of these places more than once and will definitely be visiting them again.

Whatever you like doing on holiday, I am sure you will find something you like in Canterbury.  I have just told you the places I have visited in the Canterbury area but there are lots more for you to visit.

Canterbury is also within driving distance of London and Dover.  We visited Dover Castle a few years ago which is also well worth a visit.  As well as the castle to walk around there are also tunnels underneath the castle which were used during the war.  These tunnels are authentic and have a radar plotting room and a sick bay amongst other things.


This is a photo of the entrance to the tunnels.  All of these photos were taken in 2010.


This is a more recent holiday in Canterbury visiting relatives in 2017.  We had lovely weather, really hot and sunny, although it did pour down on one day but mostly it was sunny, dry and warm.

We did quite a lot in the week but I am going to tell you about Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Lythe, Kent. 

It is the first time I have been there and it is fantastic.  We went on the safari first.  We had to queue for a little while to get on one of the trucks to take us around the safari park to see the wild animals.  This is a photo taken from the truck we were in for the safari.


This is another photo of the wild animals on the safari tour.



After the safari we went into the Dinosaur Forest to see the dinosaur statues.


I did not realise that there were so many dinosaurs that had lived in prehistoric times.

I took quite a few photos of the dinosaurs and this is one of them.


I have forgotten this one's name.  There are boards in front of each dinosaur with its name and a bit about them.

There are restaurants, shops, play areas for children and also a hotel in the park.  It is well worth a visit and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We also visited Whitstable which is a favourite of ours.  We went to the Castle first where there is a lovely play park and we had cake and coffee in the cafe there.  We then had a walk along the harbour and had lunch at one of the restaurants.  It was sunny and a lovely day when we went into the restaurant but when we came out it started raining.  We were a bit wet when we got back to our car but we soon dried off and then it stopped raining and the sun came out again.

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