#ThrowbackThursday Swarovksi Crystal Blue Pearl Tiara Making Tutorial

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 #ThrowbackThursday Swarovksi Crystal Blue Pearl Tiara Making Tutorial

Where did the week go?  I cannot believe it is Thursday already.

Today is #ThrowbackThursday  and I am going to tell you again about my Swarovksi Crystal Blue Pearl Tiara Making Tutorial  which I last told you about one year ago this month.  I love this blue tiara.

Here it is:

Good morning this is my first ever tutorial telling you how I have made this beautiful Swarovski Crystal pale blue pearl and clear crystal bicones tiara which you can find on my website in the Bridal Jewellery section.

blue pearl and crystal tiara


Beads and items you will need to make this.

Swarovski Crystal pale blue 6mm pearls

Swarovski Crystal clear crystal 6mm bicones

Tiara base

26 gauge silver plated wire

Pale blue ribbon


How to make the tiara

First of all you need to decide on the design of your tiara, what beads and/or crystals you are going to use and how high you want the tiara to be.

I measured 12 inches of wire and wrapped one end of this around the tiara base about 2 inches to the left of the centre at the front of the tiara.

I then threaded one pearl, one bicone and another pearl on the wire 2 inches from the tiara base. I then pinched these together so that the bicone is at the top and the two pearls are side by side underneath (I will call this a clump).

With my forefinger and thumb on the wire directly underneath the clump, I twisted the wire for roughly half an inch which secured the pearls and bicone on the top.

With the wire I had left, I did the same on the right side, twisted the wire a little like before to secure it, and then repeated on the left side. You will now have a set of three clumps. I twisted the wire again with my forefinger and thumb until it reached the tiara base where I wrapped the remaining wire around the base a couple of times then snipped any remaining wire off.

I measured half an inch on the tiara base, measured 12 inches of wire and repeated all of this again for four times at half inch intervals.

For my tiara I used three lots of three clumps of beads and bicones and two lots of four clumps of beads and bicones.

I apologise for not having any pictures of the tiara being made but I made this tiara a while ago and was not even thinking of a tutorial when I made it.

Now for the ribbon. The ribbon covers up the wire on the base of the tiara and it also finishes off the tiara.

I measured the ribbon against the length of the tiara base two and a half times the length of the tiara base. You need quite a lot of ribbon for this.

I glued the ribbon at one inside end of the tiara base with a crafts glue but you can also use superglue. I then very carefully wrapped the ribbon around the tiara base, overlapping the ribbon and leaving no spaces.  This is very fiddly.  You have to be careful that you have enough ribbon to get to the end. When I got to the end of the tiara base I glued the ribbon on that inside end. If there is any ribbon left just snip it off.  You then need to leave the tiara overnight to make sure it has glued properly depending on what type of glue you have used.

Once the tiara is finished, you can twist the wires with the clumps of beads and crystals on to go in front or behind another clump which is on level with them on the tiara. 

There are many different ways of making tiaras and so many beads and crystals to use.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my tutorial on tiara making.

If you have any questions about my tutorial, or even if you have enjoyed reading how I made it, please leave a comment in the box below.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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