What I Will Be Making Jewellery Wise This Year 2018

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What I Will Be Making Jewellery Wise This Year 2018.

This year I will be concentrating more on my bridal jewellery, gemstone jewellery and wirewraped jewellery.

I will of course be making any other jewellery that I have an idea for making.

I do commision work and if you are interested in this please contact me on the ContactUs page on my website.

These are some jewellery pieces that I have already made and are in my shop.

This is a Swarovski Crystal white pearl with clear crystals and red crystals necklace and matching earring set and will look good on any bride.

Swarovski White Pearl and red Crystal necklace

This next one is a multistone gemstone pendant with purple pearls and a sterling silver trigger clasp.

Multistone Gemstone Pendant


and finally this last one is a pair of wirewrapped purple ametrine large crystal earrings.

Purple Ametrine Large Crystal Nugget Earrings

I will be making more of the above items of jewellery in the coming months so do please keep coming back to check on my new items of jewellery.  I will of course let you know via this blog on anything new that I have made.

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