Jewellery Feature Part Three: Pendant Necklaces

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In this Jewellery Feature Part Three:  Pendant Necklaces I will be telling you about my pendant necklaces.  All of these pendant necklaces are beaded and some of them are wirewrapped or wireweaved.

This first one is an amethyst heart pendant with purple pearls and blue crystals necklace with sterling silver trigger clasp.

Amethyst Heart Pearl Pendant


This second one is a murano glass ruby heart pendant with dark red beads, ruby mashan jade beads, red crystals and a sterling silver trigger clasp.

Murano Ruby Heart Necklace

This third one is a turquoise chakra pendant with turquoise beads and turquoise crystals necklace and sterling silver trigger clasp.

Chakra Turquoise Pendant


This fourth one is a labradorite teardrop pendant with labradorite beads and sterling silver trigger clasp.

Labradorite Teardrop Pendant

This fifth one is a wireweaved ruby quartz pendant with strawberry beads and rosegold trigger clasp.

Wire Wrapped Ruby Quartz Pendant

This sixth and last one is a wirewrapped leoparskin pendant with black labradorite beads and grey crystals and a rosegold trigger clasp.

Leopardskin Pendant Necklace

These are just six of my pendant necklaces and you can see how varied they all are.  To see the rest of my pendants and the rest of my jewellery please visit my shop.

New week is the last installment of my jewellery features and it will be about my newest items of jewellery.

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