Jewellery Feature Part Three: Christmas Jewellery

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Good morning.  This is my second attempt today to do my Jewellery Feature Part Three:  Christmas Jewellery as I had nearly finished it earlier on today when we had a 10 second power cut and the lights flickered and my computer shut down.  It happened that quickly and I had not saved my blog as I had not finished it so here I am doing it again.

I am going to show you some items of my Christmas Jewellery and this years colour theme is mostly reds and greens as these are the universal Christmas colours.

This first one is a Merry Christmas charm bracelet with red faceted crystals and I have also made this bracelet in other colours which you can find in my shop.

Merry Christmas Red Crystal


This second one is an Angel Watching Over Me charm bracelet with green faceted crystals and I have also made this bracelet in other colours.

Green Angel Watching Over Me

This third one is a Swarovski Crystal cross charm bracelet with green faceted crystals.

Green Swarovski Cross Charm Bracelet

This fourth one is a Swarovski Crystal red heart pendant with red and green faceted crystals and a sterling silver trigger clasp.

Swarovski Red Heart Pendant

This fifth one is a Murnao Glass strawberry heart pendant necklace with red and clear crystals and a sterling silver trigger clasp.  I actually made one of these for myself as I liked it so much and I wear it quite often.

Murano Heart Strawberry Pendant

This last one is a garnet, red crystal and ruby mashan jade beads necklace and bracelet set.  The necklace has a sterling silver trigger clasp and the bracelet is elasticated.

Garnet Necklace Set

I am making some more Christmas Jewellery and it will be in my shop soon.

All of my jewellery will make a lovely Christmas gift even if it is not in the Christmas Jewellery section.

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Jewellery Feature Part Four is coming next week but I am not sure what this feature is going to be about yet so please pop back and see for yourself.  Thank you for reading my blog.

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