Jewellery Feature Part Two: Semiprecious Gemstone Rhinestone Quartz Watch Bracelets

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This is part two of my jewellery feature and is about my semiprecious gemstone rhinestone quartz watch bracelets.  These have proved pretty popular and I have sold quite a few of them.

This one is a purple impression jasper beaded rhinestone quartz watch bracelet with a heart shaped t-bar clasp.  These beads are rather chunky but do look good on the watch.

Purple Impression Jasper Watch Bracelet


I have made quite a few of these watches made with either Swarovski Crystal pearls or various semiprecious gemstones. This one is a Swarovski Crystal dusky rose pearl beaded quartz rhinestone bracelet watch with an antique rose clasp.  This one is a bit daintier than the purple impression jasper watch above.

Swarovski Dusky Rose Bracelet Watch

This next watch is a unakite beaded rhinestone quartz bracelet watch with an antique rose clasp.  I love the colours in these unakite beads.

Unakite Bracelet Watch

You will notice that I have used different rhinestone watch faces for these bracelet watches and I will be making more of these watches. 

I have also made some copper face beaded watches like this lovely turquoise beaded bracelet watch below with an antique rose toggle clasp.  Strictly speaking this is not a rhinestone watch but I wanted to show you it because of the different watch face. As I keep saying, everyone has different taste in jewellery.

Bronze Turquoise Beaded Watch Bracelet

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Part Three of my jewellery feature is about my Christmas jewellery and you can read about this next week.  Thank you for reading my blog.


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