I Have Got The Knitting Bug Again

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I used to knit for my children when they were younger, but more recently I have been knitting for my Granddaughter.  I have been knitting her some school cardigans but have now finished them.  I was just knitting in my spare time and it did take me a while but I am missing actually doing the knitting.

Then I remembered that I had started knitting a jumper for myself about 26 years ago but did not finish it. I still had the receipt for the wool (because it was in the bag with the wool) and it was dated 1991. It must be good wool to keep for this length of time but I did store it well. I cannot remember the reason why I did not finish it but this is what it looks like:

Unfinished cardigan


It looks fairly complicated to me but I still have the pattern and all of the wool to finish it so this is my next knitting project.  This is the unfinished back of the jumper which I had started but not finished.  I am really just a basic knitter but I can follow this pattern once I find out which row I should be on.

When I eventually finish this jumper I will be knitting for my Granddaughter again.  She has enough woollens for now and they grow so quickly at her age.

My next blog will be about my jewellery and what new items I will be making.

Please leave a comment below if you are a knitter yourself or if you have a piece of knitting that you have not finished for as long as I have.

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