New Bronze Quartz Bracelet Watches

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My new bronze quartz bracelet watches are now in my shop.

I have only made four of these for now but they are all made with different semiprecious beads or gemstone chips.

This is a retro bronze quartz chrysocolla beaded watch bracelet with a bronze toggle clasp.

Bronze Chrysocolla Beaded Watch Bracelet


This second one is a retro bronze multicoloured dyed dragons vein agate rondelles watch bracelet with a bronze rose toggle clasp.

Bronze Dragons Vein Agate Bracelet Watch

This third one is a retro bronze quartz turquoise beaded watch bracelet but this one has a copper rose toggle clasp.

Bronze Turquoise Beaded Watch Bracelet

This fourth one is an antique bronze golden rutilated quartz chips bracelet watch with a bronze dragonfly clasp and has a different watch face to the other watches.

Bronze Golden Rutilated Quartz Chip Bead Bracelet

You can also find these watches in my Etsy shop and on my Facebook page.

I  know that I have done two jewellery updates right after each other but that is just how it worked out.  My blog next week will be about something completely different and it might mention jewellery and it might not.

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Please leave a comment below telling me your favourite watch out of these four.

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    The stones combined with the watch is a great idea, my blog

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