May Jewellery Update

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This is an update on new wirework pendant necklaces which have just been added to the website.

They are semiprecious wirework pendants on a copper chain necklace and there are 5 of these at the moment.  This is a blue goldstone beads and oblong blue glass beads wirework pendant.

Wirework Blue Goldstone and Oblong Blue Glass Beads


This next pendant is made of golden rutilated quartz chips.

Wirework Golden Rutilated Quartz Pendant

I just thought I would try these pendants on copper chain instead of making a beaded necklace for the pendants.

This third wirework pendant is made with turquoise and magnesite beads.

Wirework Turquoise and Magnesite Bead Pendant

You can find the rest of these wirework pendant necklaces at

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Over the coming weeks I will be updating my jewellery collections with new items.  Please leave a comment below telling me what you like in particular, if anything.

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