Ten Things That Make Me Happy

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Ten Things That Make Me Happy.

 I am a very happy positive person and today I am going to tell you ten things which make me happy.


1. My family.  I have a grown up family and also a granddaughter and we all get along very well.

 2. Making jewellery.  I have been making jewellery for quite a few years now and will never get tired of making something new.

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 3. Reading books from my favourite authors, new authors I have not read from before and other peoples blogs.

 4. Blogging.  I have my own blog on my website where I sell my jewellery.  I try and do a blog once a week but sometimes this is hard especially deciding on what to blog about.

 5. Walking barefoot on a sandy beach on a sunny day with blue sky. Also having a little paddle in the ocean.

 6. Drinking wine. Liebfraumilch is my favourite wine.  It is sweet and not too dry.

 7. Learning new things.  Knowledge is power and it does your brain good to try something new now and again.

 8. Cooking and experimenting with new ideas of what to cook for the evening meal.

 9. Having a meal out at a restaurant with a good bottle of wine such as Liebfraumilch.

10. Eating chocolate.  This definitely gives me the feel good factor and makes me very happy.

Please leave a comment below on what makes you happy.  If you cannot think of ten things then one thing that makes you happy will do.

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  1. Susan Hagen

    Thanks very much for your comment Ro. You cannot beat wine, the beach and chocolate.

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  2. Ro Tryhorn

    I like the wine, the beach and the chocolate and altogether!!

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  3. Susan Hagen

    Thank you for your comment Christine. I am a knitter too and at the moment I am knitting a cardigan for my granddaughter. It takes me a while as I am a slow knitter but I get there in the end.

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  4. Christine Robbins

    What makes me happy is being at home knitting, and taking my dog for a walk especially on the downs or along the beach.

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  5. Susan Hagen

    Thank you for your comment Lou x I do not have any cats but I am sure they are soft and cuddly x

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  6. Lou

    I love how the wine gets a second mention lol. :D My cats make me happy when they're lying purring away in my lap.

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