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In case you were all wondering, we did not get our barbecue last week on Good Friday as it did rain, so we had our usual salmon fishcakes instead and they were yummy.  We have not had a barbecue yet this year but hopefully we will have one soon.

Today I am telling you about three more of my favourite authors.  The first one is Matina Cole.  Marinta writes a lot of books about gangsters.  These stories are all very gripping and you do not want to put the book down until you have finished reading it.  I bought "Betrayal" recently by Martina Cole but I have not started reading it yet.  It is one of her most recent books.


If you want to find out more about Martina Cole and her books then visit her website

My next favourite author is Elly Griffiths. Her most recent book is called "The Chalk Pit" and this is part of the Dr Ruth Galloway series of books. I have just bought this book too and have not started reading it yet but I am looking forward to reading it.  I have read the rest of the Dr Ruth Galloway series of books.  They are murder mysteries and are very well written.  I buy most of my books from Amazon where you can also pre-order books before they have been published.  Elly Griffiths has a website too if you are interested in visiting it.

My last favourite author is Tasmina Perry.  The most recent book I have read by Tasmina Perry is "The House on Sunset Lake". This involves a family secret lasting over twenty years and a mystery which does get solved eventually.  Tasmina also has a website if you want to find out  more about her and her books.

Please leave a comment below if you have read any books by these authors or you have your own favourite author.



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