Swarovski Pearl and Semiprecious Bracelet Watches

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There is now a new Swarovski Pearl and Semiprecious Bracelet Watches collection in the shop. These are all quartz rhinestone watches and they are very shiny. 

This is one of the Swarovski Pearl ones and would look lovely on a bride or a bridesmaid.

Swarovski Dusky Rose Bracelet Watch

All of these watches are all made with the same clasp which is an antique rose box clasp and this clasp is very secure.

I am going to make more bracelet watches to add to this collection but they might have different clasps but they will still be a secure clasp.

This is one of the semiprecious bracelet watches and is made with Lapis Lazuli beads.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet Watch

The watch faces are not all the same shape but they are all made with rhinestones.

The Valentines30 discount code is still valid until the end of February on the website if you take a fancy to one of these new quartz bracelet watches.

I am doing bespoke orders for these watches as you might not see your size in the bracelet watches I have already made.  There is nothing worse than having a watch or bracelet that is too big for you and that does not fit right.  I have a small wrist myself and it is hard getting a watch to fit properly.  I usually end up having to have links taken out for the watch to fit my wrist.  I have actually made myself one of these bracelet watches with semiprecious Carnelian chip beads and it fits my wrist perfectly.  Keep an eye out for more of these bracelet watches on the website.

I am now a member of the Professional Crafters Guild as a jewellery designer and you can find my page on their website here

I have quite a lot of ideas of what jewellery I am making this year and I will keep you all informed when it is ready and on the website.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of my bracelet watches.

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