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Today I am going to tell you about the interview with Alison Wood who I interviewed recently regarding her business called Alison M Wood.  This is a picture of Alison below.



Please introduce yourself to us and tell us what kind of business you have?

My name is Alison Wood, I am based in the UK and I run a number of blogs centred around different subject areas, such as crafts and pets. Plus I offer marketing and web building services and training for small business owners.


What made you start your own business?

I had been working as an HR Manager for over 16 years and while I enjoyed it I always wanted to pursue my own passions – which are writing and helping other people to build businesses they love.


What qualifications do you need, if any, for running a business like yours?

I think practical experience is probably more important that qualifications. While I do have business and training experience in the corporate world I think the hands-on experience I have gained marketing my own business has been the biggest help of all.


How long has your business been running?

Part-time since 2009 and full-time since 2012.


How did you pick the name for your business?

I actually started my business under the name Cartwheels Across The Sky as it was all about helping people to find their passions and be able to use them in a business environment. However, while I loved that name I have recently re-branded under my own name as I think it’s easier for people to find me.  alisonmwood_header


What is a typical day like for you running your business?

It’s a mix of working for clients plus working on my own business to get more exposure for the courses I run. I currently work very long days but I love what I do so that’s not a big problem for me!


Do you do any advertising for your business?

Up until now I have gained exposure through free methods such as guest posting and social media. I am just starting to experiment with Facebook advertising.


Do you run your business online or do you have an office?

I work online and all from home – or occasionally from a local coffee shop!


What social media sites do you use and where can people find you on social media?

Ah ha, well as I teach social media I am on most of them . I’ll just share a selection:






Lastly do you have a website where we can find out more about you?

Yes please head over and check me out at – thanks so much for the opportunity to be interviewed.

You are very welcome Ali.  Thank you very much for letting me interview you.

I have done quite a few online courses with Alison and she really is a very good teacher with a lot of knowledge.

Do head over to her website and have a look as she may be offering a course that you would be interested in doing.

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