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I started writing my blog initially to let you all know about the jewellery I was making and where you could find me online.

I then realised that you would like to know a bit about me as a person and I started blogging about different aspects of my life.

I am still unsure of how many of you read my blog but I will continue with my blog and if you want to read it then that is up to you.

My blog is on my website and is easily accessible if you want to read it and it is also on Bloglovin

I do try to be varied with what I blog about and hope you enjoy reading it.

My Christmas jewellery is now online but more is going to be added to this as and when I make it.

This is a lovely rhinestone heart pendant with matching rhinestone heart earrings:

Red Rhinestone Heart Shaped Pendant with Matching Earrings


I also have a newsletter which I am sending out monthly with all of LISU Wedding and Handmade Jewellery news and special discounts for newsletter readers only.  You can sign up here if you want to receive my newsletter and get 20% off your first order

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment below if you have enjoyed what you have read.

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