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Good evening.

Today I am doing a book review of "Between Sisters" by one of my favourite authors Cathy Kelly and which is her latest book.

Cathy Kelly has written lots of books which are published around the world. Her books are mainly based in Ireland where she grew up.

I have just finished reading "Between Sisters" and it keeps you going and you don't want to put the book down.  This is really what all Cathy Kelly's books are like.  I have read quite a lot of Cathy's books but I have some still to read.

"Between Sisters" is about two sisters funnily enough who are called Cassie and Coco.  Their mum leaves them when they are little and they are looked after by their Grandma Pearl and their dad.  Cassie is the eldest sister who is married and has two daughters and Coco is single and owns a vintage dress shop.  Cassie wants the perfect family but Coco is not sure if she wants any children until the unthinkable happens and her best friend has a stroke and Coco ends up taking care of her daughter.   The story tells us about the sisters lives and their family and friends but there is more to the story as you will see if you read this book.   The story has a surprise ending but you will have to read the book to find out what the ending is.

You can find all of Cathy Kelly's books on her website

Please leave a comment below if you have read any of Cathy Kelly's books or if you haven't read any then tell me what your favourite book is that you have read.

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