Wire Weaved Cabochons Work In Progress

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Good morning.

Today I have two cabochons to show you that I am working on.  The first one is a wire weaved Labradorite cabochon which I am going to make into a beaded pendant necklace.  I have some lovely Labradorite beads which will go with the cabochon perfectly.

Wire Weaved Labradorite Cabochon


The second one is a Magnesite cabochon which I am also going to make into a beaded necklace.  I have some lovely Magnesite beads which match the cabochon.

Wire Weaved Magnesite Cabochon

I am doing a couple of online wire weaving courses from

I am finding the wire weaving very fiddly and it is hard to get the tension right but "Practice makes perfect" so they say!

I have used silver plated wire for wire weaving these two cabochons, but I also have silver plated copper wire and rose gold wire which I will be using on the other cabochons which will be in my new Wire Weaved Collection when I have it ready.

I am not making my jewellery full time as I also have a part-time secretarial job and as I make all the jewellery myself it does take a bit longer than I would wish.  There are not enough hours in the day sometimes but I am sure that a lot of people feel like that.

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think of these two wire weaved cabochons.


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