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Good afternoon.  How are you all today?  I am very well thank you.

Today I am going to tell you about some product reviews for my jewellery that people have bought from me.

I did not ask for these reviews and I very much appreciate the people concerned writing a review for the product they bought from me.  It shows how happy they are with what they bought.

I am going to post the link to my Etsy shop jewellery reviews here

These products were actually bought from my Etsy shop and not my website, hence the link to Etsy.

Two of the reviews were for Swarovski clip-on earrings and the third was for a custom made order for a three row pearl necklace and matching earrings.

This white pearl, crystal and filigree bead cap bracelet has not been reviewed by anyone yet, but I just wanted to show you it as it is part of my Bridal Collection and I think it is lovely.

Preciosa White Pearl and Filigree Beadcap Bracelet

I like my customers to be happy with what they have bought and hopefully they (or the person they have bought the jewellery for) will wear the jewellery for a long time.

I love wearing jewellery and not just the pieces which I have made  myself.  I wear a pair of earrings every day even if I do not wear any other jewellery.  I have pierced ears, and I had them pierced when I was 21 which was a long time ago!

Wearing jewellery makes me feel good and I like to colour match to what outfit I am wearing, even if I am just wearing my jeans and a T-shirt.

I could maybe wear earrings, earrings and a matching necklace or earrings and a bracelet.  It just depends on what jewellery I feel like wearing.

Some days though, especially at the weekend, I have a pyjama day but I do not bother with wearing any jewellery then.

Please leave a comment if you like my jewellery or if you sometimes have a pyjama day yourself.



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