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Easter is nearly upon us.  Good Friday is two weeks this Friday on 25 March.  I have bought Easter cards which I still need to post.

I have bought our Easter eggs already. We love Cadburys chocolate eggs.

Everybody has different Easter traditions.  In our house, we have home made salmon fish cakes on Good Friday.  This is a receipe that was handed down to me by my Mum.  I can never get them to taste as good as the ones my Mum used to make though.

I make pace eggs which are hard boiled eggs.  I boil them with onion skins, and this makes the egg shells go a deep red colour.  I boil a dozen eggs and cool them down, then put them in a bowl.  (You can also paint faces on the eggs if you wish).  Then on Easter Sunday, we each pick one of these eggs and take turns with each other dunching our eggs.  One person holds their egg so one end is at the front, which the other person bangs with their egg.  The purpose is to crack the other person egg.  When one side has been dunched, the eggs are turned to their other side and the person who was dunched first, dunches the other persons egg.  The winning egg is the one which has not cracked.  The winning egg gets put at the top of the bowl for the winner to use at the next dunching of eggs which could be later on the same day or the next day.  The cracked eggs are then eaten, either on their own or made into sandwiches. 

I have been dunching eggs on Good Friday for more years than I care to remember.  I started doing this when I was a small child and have kept the tradition going with my own family.

Easter traditions will vary from country to country.  Have you got an Easter tradition that you would like to share?  If you do then please leave a comment below.

Now on a jewellery note. This year I have not made an Easter Collection for my jewellery as I am working on a few different collections which will be online when I have finished each one.  There is an Angel collection to look forward to.  I am also working on a rhinestone charm collection.

I have started a wire weaving online course and this collection will take the longest to do.

Any piece of my jewellery will make a wonderful Easter present for your loved one.

Amethyst Heart Pendant Necklace


This is a lovely Amethyst heart pendant necklace with Swarovski Crystal lilac pearls and blue faceted crystals.

 which is in the Lilac Collection at

Depending on your preferences in jewellery, this is a lovely rhodium heart charm bracelet.

Rhodium Heart Charm Bracelet

You will see these two items of jewellery and more when you visit the website

Have a lovely Easter everyone and enjoy your chocolate eggs.

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