Valentines Love and Heart Collection

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Today I am going to tell you about my Valentines Love and Heart Collection which will be in my online shop and in my Facebook shop soon.

Red Crystal with rhinestone heart clasp bracelet


This is a red faceted crystal bracelet with a rhinestone heart magnetic clasp I have recently made and is not on the website yet.

As you know, every Valentines Day if you are very lucky you will get a Valentines Day card and maybe a present of jewellery or chocolates which are the favourite presents for Valentines Day.

If you do not get a present then do not worry as I am sure someone loves you.  Valentines Day is a day for romantics and not every man is romantic.

This is a Love necklace which is part of my Valentines Love and Heart Collection.

LOve Red Beads and Crystals Necklace


You will have to wait to see the rest but it is all a red theme.

I have been going through all my jewellery and have started to re-photograph it.  This all takes time but I should be finished soon and I do hope you like the result.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day.  Do not forget to visit the website to see my Valentines Love and Heart Collection.


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