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Good afternoon everyone, my blog today is about Christmas which is about four weeks away.

Christmas is "The season to be jolly".

I love Christmas and the run up to Christmas.  I love Christmas shopping and putting the Christmas tree up and decorating it.  I also love buying Christmas presents and wrapping them and also writing out Christmas cards for friends and relatives.

There is a lot of bad things happening in the world just now, but Christmas is a time to chill out, overeat and be merry.

I must mention our Christmas Collection of jewellery which is already on our website.  If you are still looking for a present for a friend or loved one then look no further.

turquoise beads and crystals shamballa heart bracelet

This is a gorgeous turquoise bead, crystal and shamballa heart charm bracelet.


Or if you prefer a matching necklace and bracelet set.

garnet ruby mashan jade necklace and bracelet set


This is a gorgeous Garnet, ruby mashan jade and red crystals necklace with matching bracelet.

We also have some lovely earrings such as these chandelier type ones.

red crystal chandelier earrings

These are just three items of our beautiful jewellery.  Please visit our website

to see more of our Collections.

This year we are doing a very good discount for Black Friday which is on 27 November.  Use discount code BLACKFRIDAY70 to get 70% off everything on our website.  It is for one day only and ends at midnight on Friday 27 November.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, get lots of pressies and eat and drink too much as I usually do.  Then after Christmas it is back on the diet!! for me anyway.


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  1. Elizabeth

    Cute bracelet! I love turquoise accents.

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  2. Elizabeth

    Cute bracelet! I love turquoise accents.

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  3. Susan Hagen

    Thanks very much Arya. I love that bracelet too x

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  4. Arya

    I love the first bracelet

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