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Good afternoon

My blog today is regarding one of our products and is about our wire wrapped rings.

I learned to wrap wire by doing one of the London Jewellery School online courses on wire wrapping.  The world is your oyster when you are making jewellery as there are so many different components that you can buy to make your jewellery.

For wire wrapped rings, there are so many different coloured wires available and so many different beads and semi-precious stones.  I do have a universal ring size gauge to be able to give a ring size when I have made a ring.  The wire is actually wrapped around the ring gauge as I make the ring.  I found this very fiddly at first when I first started making wire wrapped rings but I have had lots of practice now.

I just have to decide which stone, bead or crystal that I am going to make the ring from, thread it onto whatever wire I am using, wrap this around the size gauge for whatever size I am making and off I go.

This is one of the wire wrapped rings on our website Dark Pink Pearl Wire Wrapped Ring It is a dark pink Preciosa Czech glass pearl on copper wire. I love copper wire and think this goes very well will this dark pink pearl.

The thing about wire wrapped rings is, that you can use whatever thickness of wire you want, depending on the size of the hole of the pearl, bead or crystal that you are threading the wire through. This pearl ring is a fairly chunky one but the rings can be made daintier by not wrapping so many wires strands around it.  There are so many different designs to be made by using different coloured wire.

If you buy one of our wire wrapped rings it will make you feel really special.  I have a couple of these rings I have made with copper wire myself and whenever I wear them I always get lovely comments from people.

I do not stick with one bead, I have made a two bead ring and also a three bead ring which you will see when you visit our website.  I just love making jewellery and I love it when a new design pops into my head.

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