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My blog today is about how the internet helps our business as it is International Internet Day on 29 October. International Internet Day recognises the positive impact that the internet has had on our daily lives.

There are millions of people using the Internet every day doing searches for whatever interests them.  Many people shop online and I am one of them.

The internet is very good for advertising and marketing.  We have our website where we sell our jewellery from.  We also have our Etsy shop which has quite a lot of our jewellery listed.

We are also on  Facebook

We are on Twitter

We also have quite a few boards on Pinterest

We are in quite a few different places which helps to spread the word about our business as we sell mainly online.

You can Google or search for almost anything on the internet.  If it is goods you are looking for then there is a great choice out there.  There are also many free tutorials on many different subjects.

However, if you are looking for information on the internet regarding a specific subject, do be careful that you get the information from a creditable source because not everything that you read on the internet is based on fact.

I do my grocery shopping online and I find this very helpful as a time saver.  I get it delivered and then just have to put it away. A good advantage of ordering groceries online is that you know exactly how much you have spent before it is delivered, as opposed to getting a shock when you reach the tills in the supermarket.  I mostly get the bulky items delivered but I do pop into the shops too.

What positive effect has the internet had on you?


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