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Good afternoon.  My blog today is about one of my favourite TV programmes which is Saturday Kitchen Live and is on BBC1 at 10am on saturday mornings.  The presenter is a chef called James Martin who is on quite a few cooking related TV shows.

The gist of the programme is that there is a celebrity guest, two chefs who cook their dishes on the show, recordings of certain chefs cooking dishes, an omelette challenge, and viewers phoning up with food related questions.

The celebrity guest today was Suranne Jones who is also one of my favourite actresses.  She is in a drama series called Doctor Foster which is on BBC1 on a wednesdnay evening at 9pm.  It is the last of the series next Wednesday.  I have enjoyed watching it and cannot wait for the ending.

At the beginning of Saturday Kitchen,  the celebrity guest is asked what is his or her favourite food and a food that he or she hates. The favourite food is called Heaven and the hated one is called Hell. During the programme the viewers phoning up, and the chefs, get to vote for either Heaven or Hell which the celebrity guest has to eat at the end of the show. Suranne's heaven was salmon and her hell was duck but I am not going to tell you what she ended up eating.

The two chefs on today's show were called Andrew Wong and Vivek Singh who both cooked lovely dishes.

I am trying not to give too much away regarding the programme because if you missed it you can see it again on IPlayer at

You can also see the recipes for the lovely dishes that were cooked on the show this morning.

This programme is definitely worth a watch if you have not seen it.

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