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Good morning.

Today I am going to tell you what motivated me to set up my jewellery business.

I have always loved jewellery.  Jewellery comes in so many different styles and colours and there is such a great choice out there for buying. Jewellery is a very personal thing to anyone who buys jewellery, what one person likes, another person may not like.

I started making jewellery as a hobby about fourteen years ago.  I gradually built up a stock of Swarovski pearls, Swarovski crystals, Preciosa Czech glass pearls and crystals, semi precious stones, findings and tools to make the jewellery.  I keep on adding to me stash whenever I see something that I like (and can afford) which will make a unique piece of jewellery.

In case anyone does not know what findings are (I didn't until I started making jewellery) these are some of them:

  • Head pins
  • Eye pins
  • Crimps
  • Crimp covers
  • Split rings
  • Jump rings

These can all be used in different ways in making jewellery.

I started off making items of jewellery for myself and then progressed to giving my jewellery as presents to family and friends. They admired the jewellery so much, they all said why not try and sell it.

I completed the "Set Up Your Own Jewellery Business Distance Learning" course from the London Jewellery School and then set up my website. I have had my website for nearly four years.

My daughter got married four years ago and I made her Wedding jewellery, which she was very happy with. This is partly why I starting making jewellery for Weddings too.

I cannot explain the feeling you get when you make a piece of jewellery and people actually like what you have made.  I find making jewellery very therapeutic and it is a great feeling you get when you wear your own creations.

I think my main motivation in setting up my jewellery business is that I love making jewellery and if I can sell it, then this is a bonus.  My daughter started making jewellery too and some of the items she made are on my website but she hasn't made any jewellery for a while as she has my Granddaughter to look after.

Here is a blue tiara which I made blue pearl and crystal tiara

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