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Good morning everyone how are you all?

My blog this week is about Autumn, the third season of the year. We are now just into autumn and there is definitely a bit of a chill in the air.  It is nice and sunny today here in Dumbarton, Scotland and has been nice so far this week but we definitely have not had a good summer.

Our garden is still green but will eventually start to turn brown as we progress more into Autumn.  I have noticed that some of the trees in Dumbarton already have some brown leaves.

Summer is actually my favourite season, but all the different seasons have different things to like about them.

What I like about autumn is that if you get a sunny, crisp day with a blue sky (what I call a "Good to be alive day") I love going for a long walk.  Walking is good exercise and you can walk in any season but there is just something about an Autumn walk, especially if it is walking through woodland or a park.  It is nice to have company on a walk and you will probably need to be well wrapped up if it is cold outside but walks are very enjoyable.

We will all be wearing our boots and warm clothes soon if we are not wearing them already. I have been wearing my favourite pair of ankle boots for most of the summer underneath trousers or jeans.  I did wear sandals for a little while though when I was actually wearing a dress or a skirt.

I do not have many items of autumnal jewellery, but this is a lovely green/peach colour bracelet which I think is very nice.unakite and crystals bracelet It is a Unakite and crystals bracelet with a T-bar clasp and you can find it in our Bracelet Collection on our website.

Please leave a comment telling me what your favourite season is and what you like about autumn.



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