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My blog today is about the feel good factor you will get when you wear any of my jewellery.

As you know, I make jewellery for Weddings, Special Occasions and every day wear.

My tiaras will make any bride feel special such as this lovely Swarovski Crystal white pearls and clear crystals tiara. white preciosa pearl and crystal tiara

 There is also a collection of Bridal Jewellery which also has necklaces, hair clips and hair combs which is continually updated.

Staying on the Wedding theme, I now have a Fascinator Collection which will also make anyone feel special wearing one like this dark pink fascinator. This fascinator is also in pale pink, green, purple and cream. I only have the five colours just now but they should all go with any outfit and make you feel really posh.


dark pink fascinator


Everyone has different tastes in jewellery and there are lots of different types of jewellery on the market.  I do my best to be unique in what I make and sell. I love jewellery and I wear jewellery every day even if it is just a pair of earrings.  I make earrings for pierced ears and also for non pierced ears. This is a pair of Swarovski Crystal bright red heart earrings. Swarovski Bright Red Earrings


This is a pair of Swarovski Crystal rose faceted clip on earrings for non-pierced ears. I will be making more earrings in the coming weeks for non pierced ears.

Swarovski Rose Clipon Earrings


I also make pendants, necklaces and necklace and bracelet sets.

This is a Sea Opalite, turquoise and crystals necklace and bracelet set which I think is lovely. I am of course biased as I made it and my favourite colour is blue.

Sea Opal Necklace Set

I have made a few pendant necklaces using the wire weaved technique which I have learned to do recently and this is a wire weaved Labradorite pendant necklace.

Wire Wrapped Labradorite Pendant

My jewellery is made in a wide range of colours and hopefully you should find something you like in one of our Collections which you can find at

I am always on the lookout for new ways of making jewellery and learning how to do the techniques involved.

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