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#Throwback Wednesday

Swarovski Siam Heart and Crystals Necklace

This is a blog I did in August 2015 about Snoopy and I thought that you might like to read it again or even read it for the first time.

I have kept all of the blogs that I have ever done on my website and I think that I may start reblogging some of them occasionally.

My blog this week is about my favourite animal who is called Snoopy.

I do not have a picture of Snoopy but if Snoopy were a girl then I am sure she would love the Swarovski heart pendant necklace above which is part of my Christmas Collection.

Snoopy is not a real animal but he is my favourite and I love him to bits. I own a Snoopy soft toy, a Snoopy T-shirt, two Snoopy mugs and a metal Snoopy, which used to be part of a necklace but I have lost the chain.  I can easily put Snoopy on a new chain though and maybe wear the necklace again.

Here is a bit of Snoopy history:

  • Snoopy first appeared on 4 October 1950 in the "Peanuts Comic Strip" by Charles M. Schulz. 
  • Snoopy is part of the Peanuts gang. 
  • Charlie Brown is Snoopy's owner. 
  • Snoopy has a best friend called Woodstock, who is a bird.

I am sure that you all know who Snoopy is but if you do not, you can find out more by visiting

where you can also find out about the rest of the Peanuts gang. There is also a shop if you wish to purchase Snoopy items or any other items pertaining to the Peanuts gang.

Snoopy is also on Facebook and Twitter

Needless to say I am following Snoopy on both of these Social Media platforms.

If any of you love Snoopy like I do, then please leave a comment in the comments section.

Or if you have another favourite animal, please leave a comment as to what it is.




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  1. Alison Wodo

    Great post and I am a fellow lover of Snoopy. I had a necklace when I was little that was one of my most precious possessions :-) Heading off to check out the Facebook page now!

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