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My blog today is to refresh your memory regarding our Bespoke Jewellery Service.

I wrote this blog in July this year and thought I would publish it again to remind everyone that we do a Bespoke service.

Just a reminder too about our Christmas Collection if you are still looking for Christmas gifts for your friends or loved ones.  We can also do a Bespoke Christmas gift if you have anything in mind.

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Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well today and enjoying our summer.

My blog today is regarding a Bespoke Jewellery Service that we offer our customers and anyone visiting our website, Facebook page and Etsy shop. Bespoke means that you pick what you would like us to make for you, you might have an idea in your head exactly what you want, or we can discuss it with you and then make it for you. Whatever you want will be a "one-off" and it will not get made for anyone else.  It will be entirely your creation, with our help of course.

Our Bespoke Jewellery service does not charge any extra for being Bespoke.  The price of the jewellery components needed to make the Bespoke piece, plus our time in making the piece are worked out in our price which we will agree with you before we make the item.  This is how all our jewellery is priced.  Jewellery components needed plus time taken to make the item . As you can appreciate, some items take a lot longer than others to make.

At the moment it is our tiaras that take the longest to make.  Here is our Swarovski crystal blue pearls and crystals tiara: blue pearl and crystal tiaraThe wire wrapping of the beads and crystals takes time, plus putting the ribbon on the tiara base.  It can take a couple of hours to make one tiara but I do enjoy making them.  I love this blue one as blue is my favourite colour.

The advantage of having a Bespoke item made by us is that no-one else will be wearing it.

You can either phone us or contact us by email and these details are on the Contact Us page on our website.

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